I have recommended this class to our training coordinator about bringing to our entire dept.

– Sgt. G.

1st off your training was excellent.

– Sgt. B

I wanted to extend my appreciation and thanks for all you’ve done for me. I learned things today that I never thought of prior to this training. I think this whole Triple Nine Training process has been incredible. Your training program did exactly what you said it would do. I start the police academy May 1st!

– Megan F.

This class was extremely helpful for those of us who normally don't have to respond to such incidents (DPS). In remote assignments we sometimes assist municipal and county agencies on such calls and this training opened my eyes to things that are critically important to consider while enroute and upon arrival. Great job.

– Jason G.

I have been a supervisor for a few years. I thought this course was great. The topic, content, and instructor were top notch.

– Sgt. R.

Thank you for this fantastic course. I would gladly attend another course put on by your company.

– Matthew N.

Thank you for the training! Good topics to discuss to get the mind working and to see what other supervisors/agencies thoughts/ideas were regarding ways to handle these types of calls.

– Laura F.

Very good training, I plan on sending all my patrol sergeants to this training and any future trainings that may be offered.

– Lt. F.